Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Inspirational Rambling

I have written up everything I need to change in my life and how I plan to change those things. I realize that I'm not doing this for anyone except me. No one cares if I change my life. M won't care, she probably never will. No one cares if I lose weight or if I look like Karlie Kloss. I'm doing this for ME, and only me. I'm the only one who'll give a shit about me in the end. And I need that. I need to know I can do it for myself, my own confidence. Any time I give into cravings, and allow myself junk like ice cream, I am only letting myself down, setting myself back. No more. I'm making a change in my life. I don't want to look back and see how much time I wasted.
I'm making myself better. Stronger. 2012 will see a brand new Alisha. I love all you girls, anyone who comments on my posts, anyone who bothers to read. You're amazing. I'm so glad I have this community to fall back on. Tell me how you're doing. Tell me if you have plans to make yourself better. We're in this together. xx


  1. Darling I am SO happy for you. Realisations like these are what make dreams come true. 2012 will be your best year yet - you're so capable of doing anything you set your mind AND your heart to.

    For me, the times I do well are the times I truly believe it's possible, the times I know that so long as I do this, this and this, success is inevitable.

    Harness the inevitability of it all! That's when amazing things happen.

    All my love as always,
    Adeline xx

  2. Well said! Your confidence is so inspiring. I know that if you keep reminding yourself that you are doing this for you, and that it is what you ultimately want, you will achieve it. No one can take personal success from you, it is so liberating!

    I try to live in the moment, but it is often hard. Most of the time I am either guilty about the things I have done, or worrying about not reaching my goals, and I end up wasting time and missing out. Mindfulness is key.

    x clairebear

  3. Well done you :) You must do this for you and no one else :) I just live for the moment, 2012 will bring happiness hopefully!! xx

  4. AMEN girl!

    I'm glad you are taking your life into your own hands and gaining control. It's part of becoming an adult :) I think getting a job is really going to help, and standing up for your own needs and feelings (like when it comes to M) is super important.

    We're always here for you.

  5. It's good to do things just for yourself. 2012 will be a great year for you and all of us. A new start. A new beginning and absolute control.

  6. The perfect plan! I care so much about your progress and I know you can do this! We all can do this!
    This is the pep talk everyone needs to give themselves once in a while.You are doing it for the one person who matters.. you <3
    I can't wait until the new year!
    I know this is for you.. but just wait till you see those jealousy stares ;) It's like a drug!!!

  7. It is exactly that.
    It's such a beautiful song.

  8. so right! i'm going to try to make 2012 my best year ever! (btw love that picture...i have a soft spot for all things shiny)

  9. Damn, you're cool. :)
    You're so healthy and motivated and it inspires me so much!! I emailed you back BTW. :)

  10. This is so true! I am glad you are looking after yourself. You're such a sweet darling, you should be treated the best way possible. How is it going with the job search?

    Lots of love to you, my dear.

  11. I wanted to drop by and wish you a Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/other holiday! Your comments on my blog have always made me smile and remember that someone out there cares. And I hope I can give you the same lovely support. Thank you for this inspirational post, I'm re-motivated to strive for the goals that have always seemed too high. I hope you have had a wonderful day, and a wonderful year ahead of you.