Friday, December 30, 2011

Calculus War

I need to be studious. I had over a month to do all this calculus. I haven't done ONE QUESTION. I need to be studious. If I do not catch up on a semester's worth of calculus by January 2, I will have to drop out of school and work for a year. I don't want my life to come to that. I have to WORK HARD at this calculus shit. It HAS to be done. I promise myself that I'll do it. I'll make it. I'll catch up by January 2. It's going to be rough, but I'll make it. I promise. I am going to be the student I always dreamed I would be, the student I tried to be in September 2010. I swear to fucking God, this will be my year. I swear this time I mean it. January 2 is also the day I start hitting the gym everyday. See, the plan is that I catch up on ALL my school work by January 2, so that I CAN go to the gym. I weighed myself today. 114.2 lb. Weird, because I swear I got fatter... Anyway. Eating will be perfect. I'm creating a meal plan and a list of safe foods and forbidden foods and once-in-a-while foods. Exercise will be daily. I want to lose 5 lb in January. WHICH I WILL.
So how are you ringing in the new year?


  1. I know you can finish all of your calculus work in time!

    Take care and good luck with the meal plans.

  2. You can do it lovely! Getting started is always the most difficult part. -x-

  3. Good luck with your calculus(t)! I know you'll do well!
    And I'm so motiated by your meal plan idea to get healthy and make one of my own...but it seems that almost no food is safe for me...well, maybe fruit and yogurt and tea.

    Oddly enough, I haven't even thought of a New Year's resolution yet...maybe it will be to move out of the town that I'm in at the moment

    I hope you are well. :)

  4. (I'm the freak that enjoys calculus. :'( Good luck!)

  5. Ahh, lists. The best way to feel like your life is in order :) YOU CAN DO THIS! 2012 is going to be your year. Apply yourself :D

  6. I hope you got it all done x
    Hope you have a good 2012
    C xx

  7. I know it is now past January 2nd! I hope you managed to get caught up on your calculus work. I know that AP Calc in highschool was hard for me and I barely passed! I'm with you on the structure, I was denying it for so long it feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing to just plan out everything I eat and what I am allowed and not allowed and how I am going to work out. I missed it. I hope your life has been good this past year! I missed out on so much from everyone's lives!